Interview Preparation – Denis

After evaluating numerous Google search results on "Mock Interview preparation", I choose Stephanie as my Interview Coach.  I made an appointment with Stephanie last January to give me a Mock Interview and found out during the session that confident body language gives greater credibility to what you say; its the way you say it during the interview that is most important - talk like the Job Holder and you will be ranked higher.

Stephanie focused me on many aspects of Interview performance, especially on the non-verbal communication part of the Interview process which I was mostly unaware of. I was also unaware of the importance of creating a good rapport with the interviewers which Stephanie impressed upon me was very important. I got the job and I would highly recommend Stephanie to anyone who is preparing for any type of interview as she helped me bridge the gap from been unsuccessful in interviews to been successful"

Career Change - Anon

Having taken a career break and been considering a new career path, I was referred for a meeting with Stephanie wherein we discussed my past career experience, work skills and my interests. I found the meetings extremely helpful and Stephanie was very easy to deal with. Further to my meetings with Stephanie, I am now back in work in a job that suits really suits me and that I really enjoy. I would recommend Stephanie to anyone seeking to explore a new career path.’

Áine - Engineering positions

Stephanie helped me prepare for interviews for two positions. She studied my applications and the job requirements before we spoke and immediately grasped what was being looked for and how I should present my experience - particularly important as both positions were a career-change for me. Stephanie gave me helpful, practical advice and was really encouraging and supportive throughout the whole process. We also went through a mock interview which really insightful and made me feel prepared and confident on the interview days. Stephanie also guided me on whether/how the roles suited me; this was particularly helpful as I was offered both positions! I would highly recommend her services. - Áine

Caitlin - Civil Service - 3rd Sec

Stephanie enormously enhanced my presentation skills ahead of an important interview. Her coaching session was extremely well prepared, individually tailored to suit my requirements and highly interactive. She provided me with practical tips on how to approach competency-based questions, as well as anticipating those common but tricky interview questions that can easily trip you up on the day. She explored my past work and education experience, as well as my extra-curricular activities, to ensure that I was conscious of, and communicated, the breadth of my personal experience at the interview. She also enabled me see how my prior work experience matched the criteria set out in the job spec, and suggested ways to tailor my personal narrative to reinforce my suitability for the position in question. Stephanie was also able to offer her perspective as a former interviewer in a large organisation on the qualities that employers seek in candidates, and the best ways to establish that all-important rapport with your interviewers. She rehearsed the interview with me in advance, to spot any potential weaknesses in my examples, or issues with my presentational skills. I feel that Stephanie's tailored approach - in particular the way she focuses on the skill sets and competencies that are being sought by the potential employer, rather than giving only general interview advice - is excellent and makes her stand out in her field. As a result of my coaching session with Stephanie, I walked into the interview brimming with confidence and positivity, and left with a job! I would be happy to recommend Stephanie to anyone who is preparing for an important interview and wish to ensure that they perform to best of their ability on the day. -- Caitlín, Third Secretary