CV and Interview Preparation

CV and Interview preparation

Whatever you are, be a good one. (Abraham Lincoln)

Why not give yourself an advantage over your competitors? Surely it make sense to get professional assistance to help you prepare as best you can? Wouldn’t it be good to know that your CV is well written, honest and impressive? And that you have a clear understanding of the qualities you bring to your work? We’ve coached many people for interviews who have got the better role they wanted.

CV Preparation

The first step in this process is to send your CV , with a job advert that you are interested in.  Your CV will be compared against the job description and viewed from the interviewer’s point of view. We think about your CV from the employers point of view and we consider what they would be looking for in a candidate. We will then help you put together a CV and cover letter that are specifically focused on the role you are applying for.

Interview coaching

Once you have been called for interview, we can tape the session and bring you through the interview process from start to finish. You’ll be given feedback on your answers, as well as information on how to present yourself more effectively. We will work on your success stories to emphasize your past experiences. We will work on answers to your most dreaded questions and give advice on how to approach salary negotiation within the interview itself.

We will ensure that you are prepared for interview. You can anticipate almost any question that will be put to you – be ready to answer these questions with confidence. We have years of experience interviewing a very wide range of candidates for a very wide range of roles.

We will help you to –

  • Understand how to ensure your body language can portray you ‘at your best’
  • Communicate clearly and effectively to the interview board
  • Anticipate what questions you will be asked and learn how to answer them.
  • In particular, decide how to answer the challenging ones!
  • Stay engaged and focused – keep the interviewers interested!