Stephanie Fitzpatrick

Stephanie Fitzpatrick: B.A., MEd Guidance & Counselling (TCD), Career Consultant

Career ConsultantStephanie Fitzpatrick has helped many people over the years find a direction that suits their interests, abilities and personality. She specializes in media, mid-life career change and graduate career roles. Stephanie’s particular expertise is in media, sales/marketing and management consultancy roles.

Personal qualifications as a Career Consultant

Stephanie has had a wide variety of careers. Having started her career as a secondary school teacher, she then joined RTE (Radio Telefis Eireann). While there she was a TV cameraperson, an executive TV producer, a staff development manager, a Head HR in TV and a TV commissioner. As well as being a career consultant, Stephanie also works as a facilitator/tutor on leadership courses in the UK. Stephanie holds an M.Ed. in Educational Guidance and Counselling from TCD.

It is her wide ranging career and academic experience which gives her the added advantage when it comes to offering insight and guidance to her clients.

It is very important that when employing the services of a career consultant that you actually employ someone who has the experience to help you navigate the path to your chosen career.

My Advantages as a Career Consultant

  • 1. Stephanie has extensive experience as manager of the RTE Staff Development Centre and as Head HR in TV of the recruitment process.
  • 2. She has worked with a wide range of candidates who are preparing for interviews and she has also been on interviews boards for a wide range of roles at many levels.
  • 3. Having had multiple careers herself, Stephanie has personal experience of changing directions often – you too can do it!
  • 4. Stephanie holds an M.Ed. in Educational Guidance and Counselling from TCD
  • 5. Stephanie has also worked internationally in the UK as a facilitator/tutor on leadership courses. She has transferred these skills and knowledge into her work as a career consultant.
  • 5. Stephanie has helped many of her clients navigate career challenges