Career Guidance

Career Guidance - Stop dreaming of the perfect career – find it!

The energy of the centre point is manifested in the almost irresistible compulsion and urge to become what one is. (Jung, 1965)

What is Careers Guidance?

Guidance facilitates people throughout their lives to manage their own educational, training, occupational, personal, social, and life choices so that they reach their full potential and contribute to the development of a better society (The National Guidance Forum (NGF) Report (2007).

Initial step: 1-1 advice

We will give you advice and guidance on your career options. Come for an initial session and together we’ll identify and draw up a plan of action based on your needs. Most people significantly underestimate their abilities. If you don’t know what your skills are, how can you use them to the full? Our starting point is that each one of us has a unique skill set. It can be difficult for us to identify these skills, and that's where we come in. We are interested in helping you analyse and evaluate your skills and accept that you genuinely have them. With our support, you can prepare yourself with confidence for your upcoming changes.

Career Guidance tools and assessments

The job of a career counsellor or career adviser is to draw out what is already in you and to provide feedback and guidance at various points of your career journey. To help us achieve this, we have a variety of career guidance tools and assessments. These comprise of psychometric questionnaires, career exercises that you work through with the help of your adviser, and self-assessment tools where you record your own answers using the explanation notes provided. Your careers adviser will recommend an appropriate set of tools according to your needs.  These will help you to develop an effective career plan.